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Sample grading  
  • Sieve shakers
  • Sieves
  • Sample Splitters
Particle shape  
  • Particle shape app.
  • Flakiness and elongation index apparatus
Assessment of fines  
  • Assessment of fines apparatus
Resistance to fragmentation
Resistance to wear (Micro Deval)  
  • Abrasion testing machines
NF P18-572 / UNE 83115 / CNR 109 / ASTM D6928 / ASTM D7428
EN 1097-9
Crushing resistance of lightweight aggregates
Abrasion resistance of natural stones and concrete tiles
Abrasion resistance by Deval method
Voids of dry compacted filler
Loose bulk density and voids
Aggregate density by water displacement
Particle density and water absorption
Particle density of filler
Relative densities and water absorption for up to 10 mm size aggregates
Surface moisture of fine aggregate, ASTM method
Skid resistance and surface friction
Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing
Soundness by sodium sulphate or magnesium sulphate
Chloride content of fine aggregates
Potential reactivity of aggregates
Carbonate content of aggregates
Organic impurities in fine aggregates  
  • Equipment for chemical tests
Sample reduction  
  • Crushing apparatus
Bohme Abrasion Test
Scratch Hardness of Coarse Aggregate Particles
Determination of particle density of lightweight aggregates


Mineral aggregates are used in all fields of the construction industry to produce bituminous misture, concrete, mortars to be used in structures, fill materials, railway ballast etc. For this reason we have given particular attention to all testing methods. The EN Standards have grouped all tests on aggregates in five main subjects:

  • Tests for general properties of aggregates

  • Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates

  • Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates

  • Tests for thermal and weathering properties of aggregates

  • Tests for chemical properties of aggregates

In the majority of cases the EN Standards correspond to other reference Standards as for example ASTM and AASHTO and, apart from a few exceptions there is almost no difference in the specification of test apparatus.

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