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Test determination of: Standard Products
Skid resistance and surface friction
Specimen compaction
Specimen cutting  
  • Cutting and coring machines
Binder extraction  
  • Hot methods binder extractors
EN 12697-14
Automatic extraction and separation of filler
Ignition method
Binder recovery  
  • Binder recovery
Binder drainage from porous asphalt
Asphalt temperature measurement
Solvent recovery
Evacuation of toxic fumes
Marshall stability  
  • Marshall compression testers
  • Impact (Marshall) compactors
Gyratory compaction  
  • Gyratory compactors
Vibratory compaction
Mixing samples in the laboratory  
  • Laboratory asphalt mixers
Determination of stiffness by static and dynamic testing systems  
  • Universal Testing Machines UTM
Indirect tensile stiffness
Dynamic and static creep
4-Point Beam Fatigue test
Slabs laboratory compaction  
  • Roller compactor apparatus
Wheel tracking  
  • Wheel Tracker
Particle loss and resistance to fuel
Surface dressing. Vialit method
Road flexure
Bearing capacity and deflection
Asphalt permeability  
  • Asphalt permeameters
Triaxial testing
TSRST - Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test
Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Two great companies with compelling stories, IPC Global, a pioneer and global leader for 25 years in Dynamic Asphalt Testing Equipment and Controls, a major player with 50 years' experience in the Construction Materials Testing Equipment have united to become the Advanced Pavements Testing Systems division of Controls Group.

IPC Global® division now offers a TOTAL range of premiums and exclusives Dynamic, Static and Binders Testing Equipment - sample preparation, mix design, gyratory compactors, specimen saws / drills, universal testing machines, SuperPave testing systems, binder testing and more.  

Follow on our tradition of excellence and innovation and will always strive to:

- Create value for the customers by harnessing our combined traditional business culture and strengths
- Supply with a total range of premium and exclusive products with high technological content
- Deliver first-class pre-sales and post-sales technical services

Our Corporate Conscience - a strong sense of responsibility allied to stringent business ethics - is deeply rooted in the Group's history.

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