Controls Group Pavement core drilling machine Pavement core drilling machine
Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Pavement core drilling machine

Main features
  • 4 Hp and 11.5 HP high quality petrol engines
  • Coring range up to 200 mm dia.
  • Robust, compact and portable
  • Vertical screw feet
  • Complete with strap wrench and spanner
  • Wide range of coring bits with fixed standard coupling available
General description
General description
This simple but rugged machine is a portable unit, which can be easily carried in a pick-up truck. The 2 powerful 4 HP and 11.5 HP engines are more than adequate for all types of work and materials. The relatively heavy weight (110 kg) contribute to the machine stability during coring. The core bits we propose have fixed standard coupling assuring the best alignment, fast and easy fitting and disassembling. See accessories.
  • Coring range: up to 200 mm dia. depending upon the type of asphalt
  • Screw feed
  • 4 stabilizing feet
  • Weight approx.: 110 kg
The Pavement core drilling machine can be used as part of your Superpave performance based testing program.
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Pavement core drilling machine, 4 HP petrol engine

Pavement core drilling machine, 11.5 HP petrol engine


Coring bits and accessories
Thin wall diamond bits with bronze welded sectors suitable either for concrete or asphalt. Fixed standard coupling assuring the best alignment, fast and easy fitting and disassembling. Bit length 400 mm approx. They can be used for either asphalt or concrete pavements.
The core extractor is offered as an optional accessory and simplifies the removal of the core sample from the hole.

Core bits To take core
   dia. mm
Weight approx.
Suitable core extractor
83-C0320 50 2.2 83-C0310/2
83-C0321 75 2.8 83-C0311/2
83-C0322 100 3.7 83-C0312/2
83-C0323 150 5.4 83-C0313/2
83-C0324 200 7.5 83-C0314/2


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