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Hydraulic shrinkage
Specific gravity (relative density)
Soundness of cement and hydrated lime
Determination of length changes
Hydraulic shrinkage of cement and grouts
Expansion of Portland cement
Air content of mortar
Fineness of cement
Water Retention
Heat of hydration
Loss on ignition
Potential Alkali Reactivity of cement aggregate  
  • Potential alkaly reactivity- Expansion test
Setting time  
  • Setting time apparatus
Consistency and Flow
Water vapour permeability
Air content. Pressure method
Reactivity of Lime
Flow of Grouts and Muds
Mud density
Fly Ash fineness
Consistency of Grouts
Soundness of Building Lime
Determination of cement strength  
  • Preparation of specimens - Mixing
Specimen preparation  
  • Preparation of specimens - Moulds and vibrating apparatus
Compaction of specimens
Preparation of 70.7 mm mortar cubes
Preparation of 50 mm cube moulds
Curing of specimens  
  • Preparation of specimens - Curing
Compression and flexural test  
  • Compression-flexural testers
Chemical tests


Inorganic binders have had a role in the construction industry since pre-classical times and, after successive transformations, are today briefly classified as cements, limes and plasters. These binders, as well as being used singularly are often mixed in order to produce an end product, which meets the technical characteristics of the user. Today, the various types of binders are well known, particularly cements, and they are becoming ever more sophisticated with pre-mixed cements designed to satisfy specific structural requirements.

For several decades, national standards have governed over the production of these binders and have led, in each single producing country, to a high level of diversification. The current EN Standards have drawn on the know-how of the various national bodies in order to arrive at a unified Standard. We propose a vast range of machines that satisfy, practically all requirements.

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