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Covermeter, Bartracker

Main features
  • Rebar location
  • Rebar orientation
  • Depth of cover
  • Cover reading thickness mm or inches
  • Large graphic display with backlight
  • Multiple language menu structure
  • Signal strength bar
  • Interchangeable heads with led and keypad
  • User selectable bar range sizes and numbers
  • Autosize mode for quick bar diameter determination
  • Orthogonal mode for bar diameter determination
  • Other models of search head available on order for Narrow pitch search, Deep cover search, Borehole. See accessories.
  • RS 232 output to PC
  • EDTS MS EXCEL link software
  • Data logging
  • Adjustable beep volume & earphone socket
General description
General description
Used to measure the thickness of concrete cover over steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes, furthermore it is also used  to identify the location, orientation and diameter of  reinforcement bars (rebar). The basic unit can be completed with a number of optional probes for various determination. See accessories.

The Bartracker, which use the Pulse induction technique, features a rugged waterproof IP 65 case with a probe storage for easy portability.
The battery pack can be recharged inside or outside the gauge. The display screen shows you everything you need to know.
The gauge is supplied complete with:
  • Main unit
  • Standard search head to meet most of measurement requirements to identify 40 mm dia. bar up to 95 mm depth (approx.), 8 mm dia. bar up to 70 mm depth (approx.), sensing area 120x60 mm.
  • PC cable
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Shoulder strap
  • Earphone
  • Carry case and instruction manual
Important note
Standard and optional search heads, can be supplied on order, complete with calibration certificate. See ordering information.
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Technical specifications

To identify reinforcement bar diameters:
  • Metric: 5 – 50 mm diameters in 21 values
  • US bar numbers: #2-#18 bar sizes in 16 values

Rechargeable power supply:
  • 7.4 lithium ion battery pack providing up to 32 hours of continuous use (20 hours if backlight on). Rechargeable in 4 hours either inside or outside the gauge using the external charger

Maximum operating temperature: 50°C
Unit dimensions: 230x130x125 mm
Unit weight: 1.54 kg

Ordering info

Bartracker covermeter complete with standard search head, carry case, gauge to PC transfer cable, battery pack and Euro battery charger.
100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

Calibration certificate for Bartracker 58-E6102 covermeter with standard search head.
Calibration certificate for Bartracker 58-E6102 covermeter with narrow pitch search head.
Calibration certificate for Bartracker 58-E6102 covermeter with deep cover search head.
Calibration certificate for Bartracker 58-E6102 covermeter with short borehole search head.
Calibration certificate for Bartracker 58-E6102 covermeter with long borehole search head.

Basic calibration block with dia16 mm re-bar

Advanced calibration block featuring multispaced holes and 5 smooth re-bars, 300 mm length, dia8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm


Bartracker 58-E6102 search heads and probes (optional)

Narrow pitch search head.
Accurately measures the cover thickness when the gaps between each of the rebars (pitch) are close together.
Range: 40 mm rebars up to 80 mm depth (approx.), 8 mm bar up to 60 mm depth (approx.).
Sensing area 120x60 mm
Dimensions 155x88x42 mm

Deep cover search head.
The ideal search head for accurately measuring rebars that are deep within the structure.
Range: 40 mm rebars up to 180 mm depth (approx.), 8 mm bar up to 160 mm depth (approx.).
Sensing area 160x80 mm
Dimensions 170x94x54 mm

Short borehole probe.
The solution for locating tendon ducts and multiple layers lying deep within the concrete.
Measurement depth: 0-40 cm
Approximate detection ranges: Tendon ducts (70 mm/2.75”) up to 90 mm/3.54”; Reinforcement bar up to 60 mm/2.36”

Long borehole probe.
Measurement depth: 0-100 cm
Approximate detection ranges: Tendon ducts (70 mm/2.75”) up to 90 mm/3.54”; Reinforcement bar up to 60 mm/2.36”


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