Controls Group Digimax SMART line, semi automatic digital tester Digimax SMART line, semi automatic digital tester

Digimax SMART line, semi automatic digital tester

Main features
  • Accurate load rate application
  • High test throughput: up to 40 compression tests per hour
  • Advanced digital system with touch-screen display unit
  • Connectable to a second frame (as optional)
  • Compatible with the Data Manager software 82-SW/DM (new release compatible with SMART Line units)
  • Can be connected to any make of hydraulic operated testing frame
  • Recording facility of up to 10 test profiles for each channel allowing quick and easy test start
General description
General description
The Digimax control system for connection to compression and flexural testing frames, including the hydraulic power unit, the flow control valve and the digital measuring system, has been designed to fit all our models of compression and flexural frames ranging from 100 to 5000 kN and integrated obtaining a performance very closed to that of the Automatic testing systems.

Very often may be convenient to update an old compression tester, replacing for example the old pressure gauge and pump, with a modern and much more accurate control console as our Digimax Smart-Line. This application requires a suitable pressure transducer and connecting cable. See Pressure transducers

The Digimax System is usually proposed as part of the compression machines (DIGIMAX, Semi-Automatic EN testers for cubes, cylinders and blocks, DIGIMAX, Semi-Automatic ASTM testers for cylinders, DIGIMAX, Semi-Automatic testers for cylinders, cubes and blocks), but it is available also as stand-alone control console. The two solutions are technically identical and can be selected conforming to customer requirement: the first solution is more economic and compact, the second is more ergonomic and flexible being possible to move it easily to fit another frame in the laboratory and it is also useful to update an old compression tester with a modern and much more accurate control console.
The Digimax System can be factory upgraded with a distributor block for connection and not simultaneous control of a compatible second frame. Furthermore, the front panel of the display unit is designed to incorporate a serial printer, programmed to print all test results and plot the Load/Time graph. See upgrading options.
The Digimax System can be completed, as option, with the Data Manager PC software (new release compatible only with SMART LINE units) for real time acquisition and management of test data. See accessories.
As specified, the compression and flexural testing frames have to be selected conforming to the standard in use and to the specimen shape and dimensions.

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Technical specifications

The Digimax  Control system features:

  • Dual stage pump: centrifugal low pressure high delivery for fast approach and automatic switch to radial multi-piston high pressure for loading
  • 720 W AC motor
  • Max working pressure 650 bar
  • Second  frame connection as optional
  • The self compensated system maintain the preset load rate all over the test requiring just occasional operator intervention on the valve knob
  • 132000 points high resolution/stability analogical channels
  • Touch screen graphic display 240x128 pixel, icons driven showing figures and diagrams
  • Large storing capacity on USB pen drive of test data downloadable to PC
  • Ethernet port for communication with PC
  • Integrated graphic printer as optional
  • Simultaneous display of load, specific load, actual load rate and load/time graph
  • LAN connection to PC for transmission, in real time, during loading, of load and time values
  • Easy firmware update through Ethernet port
  • Memory management with display of tests stored in USB pen, download of data to internal printer or PC, delete single test or reset entire memory
  • Multi-coefficient calibration procedure with automatic storage of data without manual editing (using a suitable load cell and readout unit)
  • Recording facility of up to 10 test procedures for each channel including: type of test (e.g. compression, flexural, indirect tensile), specimen size and shape, load rate, standard in use, and other general information. Each one of the recorded test procedures can be activated by default to save time.
  • Compatible with the Data Manager software 82-SW/DM, new release tailored on the requirements of laboratories for construction materials, for real time data acquisition, display and management
  • 12 languages, Unit selection, etc.
  • Screen saver
  • Overall dimensions: (hxlxd) 1292x350x450 mm
  • Weight approx.: 80 kg

Ordering info

DIGIMAX SMART line, Semi-automatic control console, for connection to one testing frame. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph

DIGIMAX SMART line, Semi-automatic control console, for connection to one testing frame. 220 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph

DIGIMAX SMART line, Semi-automatic control console, for connection to one testing frame. 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph

Additional Information

The following Standards refer essentially to the execution of the testing procedure (eg. Load rate, load application, accuracy etc.) as the mechanical and physical requirements refer to the testing frame which has to be selected conforming the Standard in use, the shape and dimensions and the expected strength of the specimens.
  • EN 12390-3  Compressive strength of test specimens
  • EN 12390-4  Specification for compression testing machine
  • EN 12390-5  Flexural strength of test specimens
  • EN 12390-6  Tensile splitting strength of test specimens
  • EN 1338        Concrete paving blocks
  • EN 1339        Concrete paving flags
  • EN 1340        Concrete kerb units
  • EN 196-1      Determination of cement strength
  • EN 772-1      Determination of compressive strength of masonry units (blocks)
  • ASTM C39    Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
  • ASTM C78    Flexural strength of concrete. Third point loading
  • ASTM C293  Flexural strength of concrete. Center point loading
  • ASTM C496  Splitting tensile test of cylindrical concrete specimens
  • AASHTO T22 Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens


Second frame facility

Upgrading the machine for a second frame connection and control. Frame selection via manual lever

Graphic printer (To be factory installed)
Upgrading the DIGIMAX, PILOT and AUTOMAX to incorporate a serial graphic printer in the front panel allowing also load/time plot at the end of test.
- Very silent printing
- High speed: 50 mm/sec
- High resolution: 203 dpi=8 dots/mm
- Support test and graphic printing
- Easier maintenance with self-diagnostic
- Paper width: 57.5 mm


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