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General description
General description
The 54-C0167/1 10 l model, is strictly conforming to EN12350-6 and to the old BS 1881:Part 107 Standard: 200 mm dia., x 320 mm high, 4 mm thick with machined rim and base internal radius of 20 mm.
The other models 54-C0166/2 to 54-C169 have internal dimensions conforming to ASTM C29 and ASTM C138.
All made from steel sheet protected against corrosion.
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Technical specifications

Models 55- C0167/1*
C0166/2 C0166/1 C0166 C0167 C0168 C0169
Cap., litres 10 2 3 5 10 14 28
Int. Dim. mm (dxh) 200x320 154x111 154x165 188x180 213x281 234x320 347x299
Max size of
50 - 12.5 12.5 25 37.5 75
Weight  approx kg 8 2 3 4 6 9 11
*Conforming to BS 1881:Part 107

Ordering info

Unit weight measure, 10 l cap., conforming to BS 1881:Part 107

Unit weight measure, 2 l cap.

Unit weight measure, 3 l cap.

Unit weight measure, 5 l cap.

Unit weight measure, 10 l cap.

Unit weight measure, 14 l cap.

Unit weight measure, 28 l cap.


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