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Water permeability apparatus

Main features
  • New design that allows space-saving increased and functionality.
  • Determination of the depth of penetration of water under pressure in the cube and prismatic concrete specimens up to 200 mm side and cylinders up to 300 mm height.
  • Graduated burettes already fitted without any addition.

General description
General description
This apparatus is used to determine the depth of penetration of water under pressure in the concrete specimens. The test is performed clamping the specimen - cubic, cylindrical or prismatic of length of edge, or diameter not less than 150 mm - between two flanges with special circular gaskets. The water, under controlled pressure, is then applied to the surface of the concrete specimen. The penetration of water is measured, after the testing period, by breaking the specimen. The quantity of penetrated water, can also be measured through the graduated burettes fitted on top of the apparatus.

The apparatus consists of a robust steel frame with clamping system, incorporating the hydraulic circuit, valves,  gauge to check the water pressure and measuring transparent burettes mounted on top of the apparatus. The clamping system can accept cube or prismatic specimens up to 200 mm side and cylinders up to 300 mm height.
Two versions available:
  • 55-C0246/3 Three place model
  • 55-C0246/6 Six place model
All versions are supplied complete with gaskets for 150 mm cube specimens.
The apparatus has to be fit with a suitable air compressor, max. working pressure 6 bar. See accessories.
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Technical specifications

Phisical specifications

Overall dimensions (wxdxh):
55-C0246/3, 1155x783x1515 mm
55-C0246/6, 1155x905x1864 mm

Weight approx.:
55-C0246/3, 129 kg
55-C0246/6, 189 kg

Ordering info

Water impermeability apparatus. Three place model

Water impermeability apparatus. Six place model.


Set of three rubber gaskets for 200 mm cube or prisms
Laboratory air compressor, 8 bar max. pressure, 50 l cap. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
Pressure regulator not included.

Accessory for permeability meter series 55-C0246/x for adapting one of the test chambers to samples with height 300/320 mm.
Set of three rubber gaskets for 150 mm cubes


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