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Hazardous materials often require special handling and documentation. Controls cannot accept any responsibility for delays in delivery due to special delivery requirement.

Code Description Hazard class UN No. Quantity
86-D0815 Barium chloride 6.1 1564 1000 g
86-D0800 Calcium chloride, analar N.R. - 1000 g
86-D0811 Distilled water N.R. - 25 l
86-D0806 Glycerine N.R. - 1000 ml
86-D0808 Hydrochloric acid 8.0 2031 1000 ml
86-D0809 Nitric acid 8.0 2031 1000 ml
86-D0805/G Paraffin wax N.R. - 10 kg
86-D0823 Potassium bichromate N.R. - 1000 g
86-D0819 Silica gel with indicator N.R. - 1000 g
86-D0820 Silicone grease, tube N.R. - 100 g
86-D0814 Silver nitrate N.R. - 500 ml
86-D0802 Sodium hexametaphosphate N.R. - 1000 g
86-D0801 Sodium hydroxide 8.0 1823 1000 g
86-D0825 Sodium sulphate N.R. - 1000 g
86-D0810 Sulphuric acid 8.0 1830 1000 ml
86-D0845 Water repellent grease N.R. - 1000 g


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