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Pressure transducers

General description
General description
They provide a very accurate electrical signal strictly proportional to the pressure of the hydraulic circuit of the testing machine or apparatus. Featuring fully sealed stainless steel pressure chambers and diaphragms. The transducer use a full Wheatstone bridge circuit. The 50-Q50/PT model, mainly used for compression testing frames, is supplied complete with U-shaped metal protection. See picture.
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Technical specifications

  • Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Resolution: infinite
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to + 100°C
  • Sensitivity: 2mV/V applied (nominal)
  • Full scale output: 20 mV nominal
  • Cable: 4 core PVC insulated, 1 m length
  • Connection thread: ¼ BSP
  • Weight approx.: 150 g

Ordering info

Standard models

Pressure transducer 0-50 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-100 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-200 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-350 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-500 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-700 bar range

Pressure transducer 0-700 bar range complete with U-shaped metal protection.

Connecting cable for pressure transducer. Suitable for Smart-Line, Sercomp, MCC, Advantest control consoles and Compact-Line compression machines.  

Calibration certificate available on request, please add /C after the code of the trasducers (e.g. 82-P0700/C, 82-P0500/C, etc)


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