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Lightweight dynamic penetrometer

General description
General description
Penetrometers are used to establish the thickness of different stratifications when investigating the suitability of a site for bridge, road or other construction works. In general if the ground is not too compact, penetration tests with this apparatus can be carried out to depths of about 8 to 12 m.
The apparatus includes:
  • Anvil with driving rod
  • 10 kg rammer, rammer fall 50 cm
  • 11 sounding rods
  • 1 grooved rod
  • 2 drive points, 90°, 500 and 1000 mm2
  • Lifting device for sounding rods
  • Couplings
  • Carrying case
  • Case dimensions: 1160x370x220 mm
  • Weight approx.: 71 kg
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Lightweight dynamic penetrometer


Accessories and spare parts 

Drive conical point, 500 mm2 area, 25.2 mm dia, 90° angle
16-T0013/9 Drive conical point, 1000 mm2 area, 35.6 mm dia, 90° angle
16-T0013/10 Spare expendable conical point, 500 mm2 area, 25.2 mm dia, 90° angle
16-T0013/11 Spare expendable conical point, 1000 mm2 area, 35.6 mm dia, 90° angle
16-T0013/L Rod lifting device
16-T0013/4 Sounding rod 22mm dia x 1000 mm length
16-T0013/6 Grooved rod to take distrurbed sample 
16-T0013/7 Threaded nipple to connect sounding rods


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