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Shear hand vane tester

General description
General description
Two models available:
  • 16-T0174 for field surface and deeper measures.
    Especially designed to measure the undrained shear strength (CU) of cohesive soils, consists of a cylindrical body with a torsional spring and three interchangeable vanes of different sizes used depending upon the expected strength of the soil. The height/diameter ratio of all vanes is 2. During operation the vane is driven for 5-6 cm into the soil and then turned with the handle. Deep measures  (i.e. on the top of undisturbed samples) can be obtained using the extension rod.
    All stainless steel construction. Supplied in a plastic case.
  • 16-T0175/A for field and laboratory use.
    Can be used either in the field or in the laboratory, at the end of sample tubes, etc. Supplied complete with three vanes. Contained in a plastic case.
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Technical specifications

  • Vane dimensions (height x dia.): 32x16; 40x20, 50.8x25.4 mm
  • Measuring range: 0 to 240 kPa (0-24 N/cm2)
  • Torque value: 3.5 N · m
  • Extension rod: 153 mm to reach 300 mm depth.
  • Overall dimensions (assembled): 310x105 mm
  • Weight approx.: 1.3 kg
Note: This unit is also part of the #field-inspection-testing-kit# which also include the 16-T0163 penetrometer described in #pocket-penetrometers#.

  • Vanes :
    Standard 25 mm dia., range 0-10 N/cm2
    Sensitive vane adaptor, range 0-2 N/cm2
    High capacity vane adaptor, range 0-25 N/cm2

Ordering info

Field inspection pocket vane tester

Pocket shear vane device  


For 16-T0174

Extension rod 500 mm (additional).

For 16-T0175/A (spares)

High capacity vane adapter 0-2 N/cm(small version)

Sensitive vane adaptor 0-25 N/cm(big version)

Standard vane 0-10 N/cm2


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